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KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp

kbc lottery winner 2022

KBC Lottery Winner 2022: Kaun Banga Crorepati says that Mr.Habib Buda Shair has been the most successful KBC Lottery winner in 2022, that’s won a giant lottery of 25 lakhs. Everybody wants to win the KBC Lottery 2022 regardless of whether they are officially registered with KBC. They don’t have to confirm the numbers of the head offices that will be displayed on the official KBC 2022 website. Many people want to discredit this Game Show.

This show is highly recommended around the world, but they want to ruin it. To prevent fraud, you can contact the KBC Helpline number. The official number for the KBC Head Office is 0019188444482.

You can see the list of lottery winners for 2022. If you have been a lottery winner, you can see your name. For information, call the KBC Head Office Number. We will give you better and more accurate information about the JIO KBC Lottery 2022.

According to the rule of KBC Lucky Draw 2022, Only a registered mobile number will be found in the winner list. Customer who is interested to know their own lottery number have to contact Immedititly the KBC Head Office helpline number 0019188444482.


Do you worry about missing a KBC lottery number? You can get KBC Lottery Number by calling the number 0019188444482. The KBC officials will give you your KBC lucky number. Then, all you need to do is check the KBC official website daily to comprehend if you are a lottery winner. This way you can know if you are the Next real winner.

kbc lottery winner 2022
KBC lottery winner 2022

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp Number

Sr #KBC Winner 2022 NameWinning AmountWhatsApp NumberKBC Lottery Number 2022
1.Mr. Habib Buda Shair 25,00,000/-879******3208991
2.Mr. Bharat Singh25,00,000/-701******55289915
3.Mr. Jugan Das25,00,000/-956******65289911
4.Ms. Riya Sanon25,00,000/-904******25489910
5.Mr. Kangan Kumar Sharma25,00,000/-897******5841144
6.Mr. Dr. Feroz Alam25,00,000/-926******7881122
7.Ms. Sneha Sarfraz25,00,000/-705******1420150
8.Ms. Joti Devi25,00,000/-854******8740044
9.Mr. Dev Kumar Anand25,00,000/-981******01289918
10.Ms. Dhanishka Kumari25,00,000/-776******4852022
KBC Lottery Winner 2022 Official List

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 Fake Calls & WhatsApp Messages

Many rumours are circulating about the KBC Jio lottery winner 2022. Is it true? Jio KBC is offering a lottery in the 2022 season, but many fraud cases happen due to the KBC lottery name.. All of us should understand that verification and info must be done correctly. We speak ahead, and all sim cards of KBC users are automatically signed in while they’re being implemented for the KBC lottery 2022.

So this is following the terms and pointers issued by KBC. If you receive a text message or a WhatsApp call from a character asking you to deposit money to win the lottery prize, do not respond. It is best to verify the message and determine if it is accurate or fake by calling the KBC Helpline Number 0019188444482 or emailing the KBC Head Office number. You will not be able to win a lottery via WhatsApp/SMS/or telephone calls.

They spread rumours and aim to discredit the unique. Never divulge your personal information, account information, or private data. Always verify that the details of the lottery are correct and call the Helpline Number.

kbc lottery winner 2022
KBC lottery winner 2022

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2022 List

Here is the list with the names of the lucky winners in the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2022. They are the winners of the lucky draw that takes place every month in KBC. You can also view your name here if you are a KBC lucky winner

  • Mr.Rahul Kumar lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 1122 City Mumbai winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Kapil Sharma lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 0044 City Lucknow winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Habib Buda Shair lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 8991 City Dehli winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Ali Ahmad Bawa lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 89915 City Kolkata winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Natwar Lal lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 0150 City New Dehli winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Prem Singh lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 89910 City Bengaluru winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Imran Khan DK lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 44475 City Ahemdabad winning date 02 January 2022
  • Mr.Sajid Ali Afridi lottery amount 25,00,000 lottery number 0066 City Jaipur winning date 02 January 2022

for more information about the KBC winner 2022 list WhatsApp please contact the KBC office. You can also check the newest KBC winners list 2022 and KBC lucky draw 2022 here, so don’t be late and contact KBC head office number. +19188444476

What is KBC Lottery Number & How to Check KBC Lottery in 2022?

KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) has established that the maximum numbers for the KBC lottery are 8991 to 89915, 89919 to 89900, 89900, and 89917 to 0044, 0150, and 89914. The most popular KBC lottery number is 8991. You can get your KBC lottery number online by dialling 0019188444482. In a matter of seconds, you will receive your lottery number via WhatsApp.

Please dial 0019188444482 from your mobile phone to receive your lottery code. Once you have your KBC lottery number, you can access our database to verify it.

How you can Check KBC Lottery Number Online in 2022

Check Your KBC Lottery/KBC Lottery Number 2022 in Just 2 Minutes. Please follow all steps to check your lottery easily.

  1. Enter Mobile Number

    To Check your KBC Lottery online you must have a Phone Number/Mobile Number That’s have won the lottery.

  2. Enter KBC Official Lottery Number

    That is necessary to have an official KBC lottery number to check the lottery online on this KBC official website.

  3. Click On Check Lottery

    The last step is when you successfully enter the mobile number & KBC lottery number then press the check lottery button.

  4. Read Notification Carefully

    When you press the lottery check button then a notification shows on your mobile. if the lottery number and mobile number are correct then you receive a Congratulation SMS. If something is wrong then the Mobile Number or Lottery Number Show incorrectly.

  5. Contact With KBC Head Office

    Last if you don’t know that how to check the KBC lottery online. or Website Shows mobile number or lottery number is incorrect then immediately call KBC Head Office Number 001-91-884444-82.

Check Your KBC Lottery Number 2022 Here

KBC has introduced its brand new lottery checking system. You can check KBC Lottery 2022 by entering your winner’s mobile number and lottery number. This is one of the most trusted and secure official site to check out the KBC Lottery.

How to Get Yourself Registered for the KBC Lottery Winner 2022?

The registration process of the KBC lottery Winner 2022 is extremely simple and easy. The lottery is already linked to all the Indian sim cards. All that you need to do is get your JIO sim card recharged and make your entries on the KBC Official App, for better outcomes, we highly recommend you to make maximum entries as it would increase your chances of winning the KBC lottery 2022.

If you feel any kind of difficulty, problem, or confusion in any registration step, please contact the KBC head office staff for proper guidance and assistance. If you encounter any kind of difficulty, problem, or confusion in all the steps of the process. Precautions You Should Take to Safeguard Yourself From the KBC Lottery Fraud 2022. We have been receiving complaints from innocent people who have been duped by many fraudsters in the name of the KBC winner 2022.

kbc head office number

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List

Name: Mr. Jagdesh Mishra

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 998******542

kbc winner 2022

Name: Mr. Parkash Beniwal

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 918******009

kbc whatsapp winner 2022

Name: Ms. Rukmini Ashutosh

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 998******542

kbc winner 2022

Name: Ms. Nanu Negi

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 770******544

kbc lucky winner

Name: Ms. Kuhumita Pandey

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 887******050

kbc lucky winner 2022

Name: Mr. Vishal Chand

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 995******014

Name: Ms. Vikram Shiva

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 856******458

kbc jio winner 2022

Name: Ms. Ajay Sharma

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Mobile #: 789******932

kbc winner 2022

Easily Check Your KBC Lottery 2022 Online

We now offer a KBC helpline portal for confused customers. Please visit our KBC website portal. Enter your 10 Digit mobile number and the lottery number. Within a matter of seconds, customers can verify their inner conflicts regarding the lottery’.

Our portal system is available 24 hours a day. You can contact KBC Team at any time. We are not working in a rush. Before this system, customers were not sure where to go and what to do. Please keep checking our KBC website for the latest information. Our system allows customers to get lottery tickets in just one phone call. Contact us to register.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 25 Lakh List Today

Serial #KBC Winner 2022 NameLottery AmountMobile NumberKBC Lottery Number
1Mr. Diljeet Singh25,00,000/- INR878******1008991
2Mr. Arjun Kapoor25,00,000/- INR965******35789915
3Mr. Aditya Roy Kumar25,00,000/- INR852******3590150
4Ms. Sapna Pabbi25,00,000/- INR741******1590044
5Mr. Sahid Khan25,00,000/- INR987******7581122
KBC jio lucky draw winners list 2022
kbc lottery winner 2022 list

How to Participate in KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022?

Our tips are for Kaun Banega Crorepati 2022. We are devoted and respectful KBC fans and lovers. KBC lottery 2022 is an excellent game for lovers of the show. There are many ways to win. The management of the event has established many ways for participants to be part of the lucky draw. Clients aren’t needed to purchase lottery tickets at this time. Our simple, dignified methods make it possible for anyone to win.

All Indian sim card companies provide data and information about the Indian public. You are already registered and verified for the Whatsapp Lucky Winner 2022 event. Call the Whatsapp Head Office numbers. Only this department can confirm your number. You don’t need to visit the branch.

KBC Lottery Head Office Contact Number in 2022 is 0019188444477

These helpline centers and their head offices may provide customers with helpful, consoling, and trusted information. You can obtain accurate information from any toll-free number. The winners are not limited to any one department. They can seek help at any branch or customer service head office. The game’s runners will provide valuable and secure information about the secret data. Before you are recognized, don’t reveal your bio or personal details to anyone.

To protect you from any unfortunate incident, the authority has shared important and golden information. If you use your sim card correctly and straight, it will be a blessing. You can win any time you want. You can contact our representative at any time to learn more about your bright future and good fortune. Wait for a call or SMS. The state’s citizens should not blindly follow unkind people. Be wise and careful.

kbc lucky draw 2022

All India KBC Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw Competition 2022

All Indian sim cardholders are winners each month. Because it’s a random lucky draw, where clients are not required to be present, this KBC WhatsApp lucky draw has earned worldwide recognition and fame. Other private sectors and corporations are the mainstays of this show and event. Other countries have contributed to the WhatsApp lucky draw on the internet. Continue to participate in this fantastic show and attempt to improve their lives and their circumstances. It’s a great and simple opportunity to be part of this show.

Ensure you get confirmation and registration online through the KBC online KBC support line and the head office if we announce the winners on television screens and in newspapers. Then, you can confirm your official KBC lottery number using the online KBC lottery check system.

In the present, the KBC All India Sim Card Whatsapp lucky draw Competition 2022 is coming into existence. This is the only hope and chance for those in need to transform their lives effortlessly. It’s a reputable and profitable event where clients get an opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle. The KBC team explains the simple rules. You should reasonably use your sim card if you’re interested in illicit activities and activities. You are not eligible for the lottery forever.

Call Today For A Free KBC Lottery 2022 Inquiry

The reality and uniqueness are the essence and originality of the KBC Online lottery 2022. Our diplomats and representatives are working hard and with a lot of generosity. The KBC officers are using soft and sweet dialects. Suppose you’re trying to shield yourself from fraudsters and crooks. Keep in touch with KBC online staff. The winner has to check for lottery tickets and fake calls. It is not difficult to register and confirm the lottery. It’s a straightforward task for winners.

However, you must be aware and attentive to registration and enrollment into KBC JIO game show hosted by KBC. We have launched new technological and electronic equipment and tools to ensure the safety of winners.